Monday, December 19, 2011

weekend recap

Well, after I mentioned the toilet issues, I went to work and prayed that my landlord would call me after checking out the bathroom.  I feared her reaction if I needed to call a plumber over the weekend.  In many ways, she is like the slumlord.  She prefers fixing things herself instead of contacting a contractor.  Quicker than the Slumlord and approachable but cheap, nonetheless.  I knew that if I called a plumber during the weekend, she would not be pleased.
She didn't call, e-mail or text. 
I returned home, hoping, that the issue would be resolved.  I am surprised to note that it was.  I did use a drain clearing agent which apparently worked.  Still, surprised, that my landlord hasn't contacted me.
Regardless, I worked, all weekend, and saw my friend from high school that told me I was well-preserved.  We met at a dive bar in Phoenix and sampled the famous wings that makes this establishment.  Yes, they were delightful and typically, I never eat wings.  It sort of freaks me out how they are prepped in most restaurants.  Baked, left out to be touched by flies and then fried.  Yep, not for me.  However, this dive restaurant had an open grill and so I watched the guy fry, then grill, our hot wings. 
Saturday night, I was out of sorts.  I didn't feel like being social and I think it was apparent.  We each had a beer, ate some food and then parted ways.  I didn't feel like dishing about high school people.  I wanted to be alone and in bed.  I wanted down time.
Sunday was all about work, too.  We had a holiday party scheduled and so I was supposed to arrive at 2 pm and close the bar.  Very long shift to say the least.  It went by quickly with a caffeine assist at 7 pm.  I convinced one of the other managers to do a coffee run for me.  Lovely.
Great night and mellowed out about eleven.  I left at 12:40.  Rarity and it felt fabulous.  I cannot lie.  I did enjoy being home before 3:30. 
I am disappointed that I delayed a run, postponed finishing my christmas cards and felt so antisocial on Saturday.  I will catch up on sleep and return to the routine of running and yoga.  I keep meaning to ask one of my co-workers if they practice yoga and what studio they would recommend.  When I first moved to Arizona, I found a studio in Mesa but the instructor is now focusing on a yin class that doesn't really do it for me.  I prefer the flow series with many chatarangas.  Sitting in a pose for five minutes is not how I prefer to practice.
I am deciding how to spend christmas, too.  I am leaning towards San Diego.  I did check the weather in Sedona since Tiffany and Dan are driving down from Denver. It would be excellent to see them and I do love Sedona.  However, there is something soothing about a beach christmas.  It equalizes me--I think.
I must start my day and so I will conclude this for now.  The cellar bechons....

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