Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cleanse of 2014

Day two of cleanse.  I chose to create my own style of cleanse.  No drinking for two weeks, raw fruits and vegetables, some nuts and coffee.  Yes, that includes creamer.  I don't care.  The main thing was feeling better about myself, purifying my mind and no wine.  I feel good and know that this was the best possible way for me to begin the year.
I worked yesterday and it was busy.  I was surprised that people were interested in buying wine and stocking up on proscuitto and cheese.  I had envisioned a day where I would be standing around for 8 1/2 hours and thankfully, that was not the case.  I found that I was hungry for veggies by the end of the day.  I think I overdid it on the fruit intake and needed to balance that out.  Granted, I began with an apple, went to work and bought a vitalizing smoothie, ate some edamame and then had another fruit drink later in the day with another apple.  Yea, my sugar had spiked and I craved salt.  I made guacamole (delicious fat) and ended the day.  I know that I want to pick up some cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes.  I just wasn't able to do that after a long day of work.
I woke up this morning and feel refreshed. I know that I would receive more benefits of this self-imposed cleanse if I cut the dairy out.  I do not love black coffee and the thought of cutting coffee out of my daily routine for a few weeks terrifies me.  I have attempted this in the past and know how it goes.  Day one, huge headache by 5 pm which stays and slowly (painfully) becomes dull and by the end of the 3rd day, I am ready to put myself out of misery.  Of course, eventually, the craving subsides until I walk by a coffee shop or come across the aroma of coffee.  Then it is back, full-force. Yes, I have a coffee addiction.  I've always loved coffee.  I would spend a few weeks in the summer with my grandma Rita.  She had these light blue coffee cups that she served coffee in. Every day, we would start the day with coffee, cream, sugar.  Now, I skip the sugar but I do enjoy coffee with cream, daily.
It is modified and it will be effective.  I thought about the master cleanse, briefly. I know it is well respected and truly effective.  I don't know that it is for me, right now.  I want to feel rejuvenated, inspired and enlightened and I believe I can achieve that without drinking a mix of lemonade, cayenne pepper and water.  I think I would be over that concoction quickly.
I am making the most of this time of inspiration.  I have a couple trips planned and a need to begin running again.  The half in Napa will not run itself and I refuse to have a repeat performance of the Santa Ynez event.  My knees/IT bands were so tight by mile 10.  I felt like a puppet.
Happy Thursday!  Make it a great day~

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