Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday's fun

Facial was okay.  Just okay.  I was spoiled by a girl in Denver who had great product and explained what she was doing when I was receiving a facial.  Not to mention, they tax every service in NM.  My facial for 60 minutes went from 75 +tip to $81.14 and tip.  It is ridiculous.  I must find a different place to receive facials.
I did manage to do something nice for me.  I had a day off, received treatment, ran into some friends and had dinner with Danielle.  Danielle is one of my friends that I will miss, dearly, when she moves in three weeks to Kentucky.  Another free spirit living in the day type of person that I met to remind myself to enjoy life.  She is a kind, gracious, fun.  We had a few drinks near the Plaza and then walked to dinner at a dog friendly restaurant.  She has a dachshund.  Honestly, that type of dog terrifies me.  They are small, mean (can be) and bark incessantly or in my experience with them.  I remember one of my aunt's always having dachshunds.  Her dogs were crazy.
So imagine my surprise when Danielle's dog is actually not that bad.  He barked, at me, briefly.  Then, he cozied up to me while we drank margaritas on a patio.  When she left to use the loo, he remained calm and didn't get all cray cray (thankfully).  He was sweet.
Dinner consisted of truffled orzo mac and cheese, risotto and scallops.  I enjoyed the meal but wasn't in love with it.  I thought all of dishes could have used salt.  Still we had a nice easy conversation and wine.  I had walked downtown and so Danielle, graciously, gave me a ride home.  I read more of my book and went to sleep early.  I had to go running this morning.  I forgot to pick up gum, again, at the store.  It isn't part of my necessary regime when it comes to running.  I think it is more psychological.  I want to chew gum while running.  I woke up, hit snooze (several times) and finally forced myself into my kicks.  I stretched and headed out.  A little warm but not Phoenix hot.  I felt fantastic after achieving my goal and know that it will benefit me next month while in Napa.  Afterwards, I took the bus downtown to check out the farmer's market.  They have a large spread of available vegetables, fruits, pastries, flowers, arts, etc that are sold on Saturdays from 7-12.  It was my first trip to walk through the market and quite the sight.  Many people socializing in addition to purchasing local products.  I bought a coffee and some carrot cake.  I wanted to celebrate a friend of mine's birthday earlier in the week.  I love carrot cake and this piece looked amazing.  We shall see.  Today it did not work out to meet for cake/coffee but soon.  I must be patient.
I do work in a bit.  I should stop, somewhere, to pick up a protein bar.  Bread does not sustain for a meal.  It's been warmer than I would like.  I foresee another night of sleep on the basement floor.

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