Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Finally, returned to the world of running.  Determined to do it, I set my alarm and forced myself out of bed, found my favorite visor and charged my ipod.  A few people had mentioned trails near my house.  Although I had not seen them yet or knew where they would lead me.
I stretched my hamstrings and headed out.  The park near my house had trails heading both ways.  I chose to head north and was pleasantly surprised.  There was a community garden, labyrinth, and paved trails.  I started running and forgot how much I enjoyed it.  The freedom, breathing, all functioning parts of the body.  I eased back into the rhythm of it with a little help from classic rock.  It felt like a mixed emotions type of day.  Not knowing how I would feel about running and finding that I enjoyed it.  I plan on going Thursday and Saturday, this week, and increasing to four times next week.  The half marathon will not run itself.  Last year, I ran a few half marathons.  The one in Santa Barbara hurt.  Hurt, mostly, as I think, I had run 6 miles in the previous 6 months and then thought I could tackle the destination race.  It did not work the way I had hoped.  Around mile 9, my tendons were so tight, I felt like a puppet with strings that were so taut I could barely step down.  Walking hurt from that point on.  Thankfully, Sara Jo had also had little training.  She walked the remainder of the half with me.  We crossed the finish line and headed to the nearest bar to toast our efforts.
In August, I had another opportunity to run a half marathon.  This time around, the Goddess and I ran a half in Georgetown, Colorado.  I had done a few more training runs to avoid having a repeat performance of the wine race.  I didn't want to ache at mile 9.  Lindsay and I have been running partners since 09.  She is great as when she feels like it, she walks.  She doesn't judge or cajole me when I am tired.  She is a supportive running partner.  Our half marathon started with us starting slow and trying to avoid weaving in and out of people.  I always find myself struggling to not waste energy in the beginning of the race.  We stopped, at her request, at mile three.  We alternated miles and when we finished, I was running.  My legs were not super tight, thankfully.  I do not ever want to experience that sort of pain again.  So, I will be running for the next five weeks til the half marathon.
Based on today, I think, I will enjoy it and the half marathon immensely.  I still need to figure out dining options.  I have been lame in that regard.  Normally, I would have all the restaurants planned out at this point.  I have been distracted with the newness of this city.  Trying to find my niche and create a support network.  It's always exciting to begin, again.  And, a little bit challenging, too.  I get homesick for my social life.  I think about roadtrippin to either Denver, Phoenix, or elsewhere.  There is possibility this could happen in the next few weeks.  The only issue with driving to Phoenix or Denver is that I will not run for three consecutive days.  I know that the road trip will throw off my momentum.
I can already tell I am committed to running if I am putting off a trip to ensure my commitment.  It did feel fantastic to run this morning.  I look forward to the Thursday run.  Until then, celebrate tonight!

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