Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Running, surfing and happy hour

Best way to start the day, for me?  Coffee, yoga and some leisure time before I greet the day.  Today, I managed coffee and leisure time.  The yoga instructor that teaches the early class is not a good instructor for me.  She focuses too much on the anatomy of a posture.  It is not a flow class as there seems to be no flow or chataranga's.  The music is...well, horrific.  I skip the Tuesday/Thursday 7:30 class as a result.
I was supposed to go running.  I had every intention of waking up and accomplishing that goal.  Work required my presence until late last night.  First time I was there until midnight.  Typically, we leave by 11.  Last night there was a dinner party that did not want to leave.  It was a long night.  I didn't get adequate sleep to inspire me to go running this morning.  I feel sorta bad.  I should be running to ensure that the half marathon, next month, is not a mess.  I do not want a repeat performance of the Santa Barbara half marathon from last year.  At mile 9, I had to completely stop running as I felt like puppet on strings.  My tendons were so tight that it hurt to step down. I recognize that it was self-induced.  My training had been less than stellar.  It had been almost nonexistent.  I refuse to do that to myself again.
So, perhaps, I missed my training run and yoga this morning.  I work in a bit and have the opportunity to go run this evening.  I will be fine.
I might have a couch surfer heading my way in a few weeks.  My hiking friend, Cody, and her husband had an Italian guy stay at their house for a few days.  They went salt river tubing, to a few shows and spent time in Phoenix.  This guy has never spent time in the U.S. and so he is exploring.  He mentioned exploring more of the southwest and so Cody gave him my information.  I am open to it as I have traveled other places and know that Cody and Jake are solid people.  They felt comfortable with this guy and I do have an air mattress he can use.  Plus, maybe I will see more of New Mexico from a tourist's perspective.  I mean, I have spent a fair amount of time at Ojo, Bandelier and dining out in S.F.  I could check out the Turquoise Trail, Jemez, Taos, Puye....I could go on.  I know there are many things to discover about my new state.
I am meeting one of my managers for happy hour tonight.  Danielle recently got married and is relocating to the south in three weeks to be with her husband.  I am excited for her and sad to see her leave.  She is a positive person to work with and kind.  She worked, a bunch, this past weekend and we kept saying...we should enjoy a patio somewhere instead of working.  Hence, our desire, to meet for happy hour, today, when neither of us are working.  Of course, we are struggling to find a place that sounds ideal.  Should it be food, drink or location inspired?  I am sure that wherever we decide will be perfect.  Hopefully, we will not talk too much about work as well.  Kind of defeats the purpose of not working if we focus on that aspect of how we know each other.
Enjoy your day.  I know that I will...

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