Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy hour with friends

Happy hour with Danielle was excellent.  We met at a cute spot downtown.  I knew of the spot as I had been there on previous visits while scouting out rental properties.  I walked in and ran into one of my friends. It was ironic as I had hoped to see him at some point yesterday.  I walked in and there he was.  Too funny.  I met his colleague and joined them at the bar.  We exchanged histories of what we do and how we knew each other.  The gal, Kim, mentioned that her last name is Harmon and she leads a yoga class on Saturday mornings that she calls, Harmony yoga.  That was funny.  She invited me to her class and I think I might check it out.  She was certified by the studio that I have been frequenting and so I think I will recognize her style.
Danielle arrived.   We caught up on our respective lives and b.s.'d work.    It's unavoidable.  As much as I don't want to talk about work when I am not there, it does happen.  Especially with colleagues.  We ordered polenta fries and salmon.  Nice little appetizer although the fries were incredibly salty.
We walked to coyote and had dinner.  Delicious.  Grilled prawns, green chile mac & cheese and bacon snap peas.  We drank a cabernet franc and continued to reflect on life.  Danielle recently got married and will be moving to Kentucky in three weeks.  I am happy for her and sad, too.  She is one of my first friends here outside of Melody and a few others.  It has been nice to have someone to day drink with.  I will miss her.
I wrestled with whether or not to go to yoga.  I could go running.  Then, I chose to get up and head to yoga.  I liked the instructor and hoped that her music selection would inspire me.  Instead the music sucked.  I was so bored and regretted my decision to not go running.  It reminded me that I need to do something about my frustration.  It is time to get certified.  I can no longer complain about things I can change. I have been wanting to get certified for some time.  I thought about going through with it in Phoenix but I hesitated.  Now, I look back and know I should have made it a priority.
I do have time and opportunity to do that here.  It's about choosing which studio to train with.  That will be a goal of mine in the next six months. That and running.  I forgot how much I enjoyed the freedom of it.  And to be able to go in the middle of the afternoon is glorious.  I do love that aspect of living here.
Soon, I will find my niche.  It's been 6 1/2 weeks.  I am making positive progress in meeting people and adjusting to this city.  Life is grand.

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