Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer days, vision boards and sleep

One day off became two.  I am thrilled.  I went into work and we had too many scheduled.  I happened to be in the perfect spot at the right time. The manager mentioned sending someone home and I couldn't express gratitude quickly enough.  I had arranged a facial this afternoon and feared that I would be rushing to get there in time.  We have a work meeting this afternoon and I knew that I would be cutting it close to arrive on time for the facial.  Since I no longer had to work, I could rearrange my day and make both things happen without creating stress.  I am glad that it worked out.
Plus, I can enjoy being outside and walk to the meeting.  Why not?  I drive, everywhere, and relish when I have the opportunity to not.  I don't enjoy the stress associated with how people drive in SF.  Extremely cautious.  Driving in Phoenix is a huge contrast to how I drive now.  There are speed bumps, everywhere, to remind you to drive 25 mph.  In Phoenix, the speed limit is 55 on the freeways.  The majority of people top out at about 75.  If you try to drive 55, you get muscled into the right lane or create accidents.  Do I have the opportunity to walk or bus, today?  Absolutely and I will take it.  Not to mention, this way, I don't have to worry about where to park or how much it will cost.  The downtown area is not very forgiving when it comes to parking opportunities.  There are a limited number of spaces and lots that accommodate locals and tourists alike.  I find that I prefer spending time outside of downtown to avoid parking.
For example, yesterday, I met Melody for lunch at a local spot that was on the outskirts of downtown.  We had a few beers and then chose to have one more beer at another spot.  I was ready to relocate to a different vibe.  We found a place that was convenient for both of us and had parking available.  The thought of heading to downtown didn't enter either of our minds.
Afterwards, I went home and considered constructing a new vision board. It is time.  I left my last one in Phoenix and have been inspired to consider new goals, desires, wants since relocating.  I feel that there is a yoga teacher training in my future.  My friend, Christina, recently got certified and she loves it.  As much as I practice yoga, I think I am ready to expand my practice.  It is another way to serve and I excel in this arena of life.
I did not begin my vision board last night.  Instead I read, made dinner and drank wine.  Not a bad way to spend a Thursday night.  It was warmer than I thought and found myself sleeping on the floor in my basement.  I think there was a 5 or 10 degree difference from upstairs to down.  Everything was fine until the crickets woke me up.  Relentless and the fan could not overpower their effect on my sleep while in the basement. I relocated, upstairs, and felt much better.  I hope to not have to repeat that often.  Last summer, sleeping on the floor was common and not enjoyable.  I would wake up and my arms would be dead from lack of circulation.  I would jam my wrists into the concrete and wonder why I ached in the morning.  Silly!
Today is a fantastic day and an opportunity to enjoy SF.  Cheers~

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