Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lack of running, carrot cake eating and work....

Three weeks of running makes it a habit, right?  It becomes easier to willingly go for a run as opposed to begrudgingly performing the task at hand.  I thought about waking up and heading out today.  This was before I worked last night.  A long shift and an ending requiring all staff to stay to move all of the table and chairs.  The floors needed to be deep cleaned and so last night we moved all of  the furniture.  It was not too terribly taxing but after not eating or drinking water for 7+ hours, my body refused to wake up and go for a run.  I am sensitive to my hydration needs.  From a few encounters with dehydrating while playing volleyball to the face plant which required some plastic surgery to repair my lip and bridge of my nose.  You definitely can understand why I am aware of my hydration after that debacle.
So, running was not in the cards today.  However, there is always tomorrow and I believe that I will wake up and head out.  I enjoy the freedom of it.  Especially the opportunity to reflect on my current state of things.  I know that I made the right decision in relocating.  Phoenix was supposed to be a temporary move and three years is more than enough time to be considered temporary.  I enjoyed myself during that time.  I strengthened some friendships, made new friends, had new opportunities in the wine world, enhanced my yoga practice and had the ability to hike Echo, every day, if I wanted.  I met some fantastic people while doing the retail thing and all, in all, lived a blessed life.  I just never bonded with Phoenix like I had in Denver.  I am too earthy to truly thrive in the Valley of the Sun.  Employment opportunities are always plentiful and I am grateful for that.  Who knows?  I might end up there again.
Regardless, I do reflect on choices while running.  I should have went this morning.  After last night's shift, I came home and inhaled some carrot cake.  I love carrot cake!  I had bought a slice at the farmer's market yesterday with the intention of sharing it with a friend.  He had a birthday, last week, and I wanted to celebrate it with a slice of carrot cake and mimosas.  However, I walked home from the farmer's market and didn't take into account the heat factor or how it would wreck the frosting making it unpretty to share.  All of the frosting had melted to one side of the container.  I could eat it but would be embarrassed to pass it off as a gift.  It was no longer pleasing to look at, not a huge concern of mine, last night, when I sampled the lovely cake.  I must remember where that cake hailed from.   Delicious!
I feel, semi-accomplished, as I pitched a cocktail to showcase at this event tomorrow night.  They wanted to call it medicine man.  Furthermore they suggested it being a margarita. I muddled an orange and basil and created a margarita on those two ingredients.  Mike, the other bartender, bought some green chile spice and created a salt to rim the glass.  It's actually pretty refreshing.  The chef liked it and is working on a beautiful garnish to make it even more palatable.  It's all about how things appear.
I missed running.  I am over it.  There is a yoga class that is beckoning. I think it is more of the iyengar style as Melody invited me to attend it with her.  She prefers that style to the flow based music driven class that I enjoy.  I had run out of classes at my current studio and am open to a different instructor.  I know how bored I am in the class when I walk in and can barely contain my contempt for the music selection or flow sequence.  I know it reads all over my face.  Damn being so transparent. I sat through a work meeting the other day and forced myself to doodle about upcoming trips to not display how bored I was.  I tried to appear positive and interested.  I think I pulled it off since no one called me out during the meeting.  Thankfully!
Must do vision board soon.  It is time.  I keep looking at the blank piece of poster board. I feel what is necessary to move forward.  I know what I am interested in and the things I think about often--yoga, running, travel, teacher training, wine.  And being in the land of enchantment.  Making a life here.  That is definitely a key component of the present.  Must find my niche.
Enjoy your day.  I am off to yoga with the lovely Melody.

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