Thursday, June 19, 2014

TBT and where I will be in a month...

In a month, I will be recreating this photo.  Yes, in California and with two of these ladies.  It will be epic!  I wish Sipper could join us but she is super busy.  She just got a chapter published in a book, is working on her PhD and is a wife and mother.  Nonstop, all of the time.  I think I will be heading to the East Coast to see her when it is convenient for me.  I do miss Megan.
Lindsay and Sara Jo are meeting me in Napa to run the Napa Half marathon.  I cannot wait.  Honestly, it is the first ever half marathon that I was truly interested in.  The first time I tried to register for the event, I waited too long to register.  We opted to run the Healdsburg Half.  The following year, I had dreams of competing in this event and again, couldn't make it happen.  This year, I was determined to get in the race.  The registration opened and I was one of the first ones to sign up.  I swear.  Or in my mind, I was.  The event closed within 20 minutes.  It is that popular of a race.  Thankfully, Sara also managed to register before the registration closed.  Lindsay had to wait til the following morning.  She agreed to be our driver to and from the start/finish.  I appreciate that more than she will ever know.  I like the idea of being shuttled to and from the start/finish but there are always obstacles with the return shuttle. The Healdsburg race was ridiculous.  We waited 45 minutes between available shuttles.  All the while there were other busses going to other destinations on a 15-20 minute rotation.  We waited in the rain and had to rush to our first wine tasting appointment post race without a shower.  Let's just say, I had wanted to avoid that.  I wanted to be taken semi-seriously while wine tasting in the Valley.
This year, we can avoid that.  We will have first class service to and from the event.  Yea!  I am heading to ABQ to pour at the Vintage Selection Tasting.  My friend, Lisa, is in town and showcasing some of her best wines in her portfolio.  I agreed to help pour as a way to spend my days off.  I also wanted to see Lisa and drink wine.  I can, maybe, make more connections which will aid my wine tasting venture in Napa next week.  Win/win, right?
I am excited to see friends and drink wine.  I must say, I love starting over.  It always is new, fresh, exciting.  The downside is that socially there are times where it feels very lonely.  Instead of focusing on how lonely it can be, I try to make time of the solitude in a positive way.  Meditation, running, reflection, reading and establishing a niche.  I think I am on the other side of it, too.   The first month was a little rough.  Coworkers question intentions or work ethic as they don't know.  However, with time, everything works out.  I am in a good place.
Enjoy your day!  I am going too.  I started with a run.  Next week, will be my third week of running. Habit formed, right?

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