Wednesday, June 8, 2016

adaptation and wants

New place.  Adjustment to the new surroundings and recognizing what I have carried around with me for the last ten years.  I think of how I carted my stuff from Denver to Phoenix in my car and then convinced an ex to pick up the remainder of my belongings when he traveled through.  How had I thought more on it, I could have parted ways with the majority of it before bringing it to Phoenix, Santa Fe and eventually, back to Denver.  I am finding things I have kept packed and now upon unpacking I wonder why I have kept it. 
I have a good will section set up.  Then, there is some trash that occurs and my clothes remain at the warrior prince's for the time being.  I have been working, a lot, and my time off is limited.  As much as I want to retrieve my clothing I also want to sleep, drink wine and relax.  I know that I will be heading over in the next few days to get my clothes.  I have a trip to Oregon this weekend.  I am super excited to fly and see my sisters.  Actually, my entire family will be in Oregon spending time in to celebrate my niece's high school graduation.  Should be a joyous occasion. 
And, I fly into Portland and have the opportunity to meet up with a fellow traveler from Denver.  Jaime and her hubby met me in Argentina in 2008.  Or at least we tried to meet in 2008. We missed each other by an hour.  Fun story for sure.  I think I will have time to meet up with her for a beer before my college friend, Jean, picks me up to drive us down to Eugene.  I am excited to see her, my sisters and family. The last time we were all together was in 2012 for Michaela's wedding.  Should be entertaining to say the least. 
I love my new space.  It cools off at night and although there are new sounds and and people, it suits me.  I am learning to enjoy it and stop hearing the street.  It is more lively here than at Sara's or Maghan's house.  When I return from Oregon, I will make the time to discover all of the nooks and crannies of it.  The nearest coffee shop.  Grocery store.  Where I can buy wine.  Are there pastries around?  All of the things that make neighborhoods unique.  I should start running again.  Once my schedule works itself out, I will.  I managed to arrange a run with Lindsay a few weeks ago and I live close enough to Sara where I could run over to meet with her and tour her neighborhood.  Focus on health and everything else will fall into place. 
This weekend will be wonderful and much needed.  It has been four years since I have seen my sisters.  Although I keep visiting them.  They owe me a few trips to where I am at to even things out.

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