Sunday, June 26, 2016

Last year I was in Las Vegas at this time.  Celebrating friendships and life.  Wine was involved, some pool time and a Cirque show.  Excellent trip really. 
This year my friend, Shana (fellow yogi in Santa Fe) invited me to join her at Ojo.  I would have loved to but didn't feel confident that I would be able to take the time off.  It seems easier to acquire time off around my days off instead of changing it up.  I want to have a consistent work week so I chose to skip this Ojo adventure knowing that I can head down in a few weeks to rejuvenate.  I am stoked.
Maybe I will manage a trip to Vegas in the fall.  I always love the food factor and it is a quick flight.  Who knows?  I have boundless opportunity to explore more of the states and I want to.  I am inspired to do something new.  Any suggestions?

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