Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I am trying to do as much as I can when I am in Santa Fe next week.  It's confirmed.  I managed to arrange three days off.  I am not looking forward to the drive back in the afternoon.  I know that I will be tired and it will take longer than I want. 
I have three days and two nights.  Potentially stop by the bbq spot in Rye in both directions.  I am thankful to Maghan for suggesting that as a stopping point on my most recent visit.  We drove down to purchase my car and got delayed by a blizzard.  I still cannot believe that I chose to drive in the white out conditions.  I really despise driving in snow.  I feel that I am terrible at it.  Yet, that particular day, I was tenacious.  We had to leave to get Calliope (my new volvo. I so miss Veronica!)  There is something to be said about determination.
Back to Rye...Potty and beer.  Excellent decision.  We stopped both directions and were not disappointed either time.  They hail from Texas and so there are more things to check out.  Shakes, bbq, beer.  Great concept and perfect stopping point. 
There is yoga.  Either at the Railyard or Thrive.  Dependent on my arrival and who is teaching.  I'll be honest.  I would love to support either of these ladies.  I  have more loyalty to the latter since I helped them with checking people in when they initially started up.  I feel more loyal to them.  And, it is teacher dependent.  I want something great!
Silver coins will be abundant.  That is a definite must.  I have arranged dinner with Teo for Tuesday.  I see chips and salsa in my future. Ojo Caliente for Wednesday with Melody, see Lawrence, maybe Danielle and some others. I have a lunch date for Thursday that is going to happen.  I owe the golf instructor lunch from a bet that I lost.  I should never bet with my heart and it leads to disappointment.  I'm talking basketball here.  I am such a fan of my team that I lose perspective and get caught up in the madness.  I basked in their victory in 2008. Toasted the awesomeness with a blue shot provided by the lovely bartenders that evening.  I remember strolling into a work meeting--why must someone ever plan a mandatory meeting at 9:30 at night?--drunk, happy and unable to focus on the talking points.  Again, I return to why anyone ever thought this was a good idea?  Not only was it my day off but the national championship where my team was a contender.  Of course I watched the game and toasted life.
I digress.  Lunch will happen and then I will return to reality.  Possibly stop in Rye on my return, do laundry and then hit the ground running.  Must prepare for other trips and making them happen.
Tomorrow brings massage, dinner with Jenn and potentially figuring out my laundry situation.  My apartment listed that they had laundry on site.  Somehow, the washing machine has been broke since my arrival.  I have been relying on the Warrior Prince's place to do my laundry.  Somewhat inconvenient and I should figure it out.  I am not a fan of laundromats.  They freak me out.  I prefer doing laundry at home, on site or at a friends' house, haha. 
Let's see how this plays out.  I might be seeking out the WP for some more laundry.  Or, my aunt.  Til then, cheers!

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