Friday, June 17, 2016

connections and small world stuff

Small world continued to present itself yesterday.  I met Tiffany for lunch in the Uptown area of Denver.  I chose the place for the happy hour wine and knowing this restaurant as it is based out of Phoenix.  I had been hesitant to check it out since my expectations were low of what they would offer.  They do have a great happy hour, daily, with wonderful wine specials.  The food is not that dynamic nor has it changed since they opened in the early 2000's as we found yesterday.
Still, we had a few glasses of wine and I asked the bartender how long she had worked there.  Since they opened she said.  I told her I had lived in Phoenix and knew some of their loyal staff and as we were talking this guy approaches and says--aren't you Harmony?
I knew this guy from being in Phoenix.  He had been a valet and parked Veronica numerous times.  Such a small world!  He took care of our appetizer which was super kind.  Dan will be heading back to Phoenix next month to return to life there.
After our appetizer we chose to seek out margaritas.  Last time we day drank, we spent the majority of the day at this spot.  Yesterday, I wasn't really feeling it.  Too loud and the drinks were meh.  We considered our options and headed to another spot where we know the bartender.  I drove over and parked only to find that this place has closed for remodeling.  Crap!
We were out of options.  Did I really want to drive back downtown in rush hour traffic?  What was east of us?  I turned into the Whittier neighborhood and saw a random bar.  People were sitting outside and so we thought--let's check it out.  We walked into the bar and it was inviting.  The wine selection was lame and as we chose a cocktail one of the bartenders emerged.  I knew this guy from a few other restaurants.   And he had worked at the airport last I knew.  He remembered me and so our first round was taken care of.  Excellent!
Earlier in the day, I heard a song that took me back to 4th of July celebrations in Iowa and summers with my cousins.  I think I started the day on a nostalgic realm and wanted to be reminded of my connections.  Today I return to work.  I will hopefully sleep, easily tonight, as I open tomorrow morning.  I have some anxiety about waking up and getting their on time.  This will be my first opening shift and it does scare me.  I am bartending which will be awesome but the opening shift is early.  Should be interesting.
My trip to Oregon was too quick.  Went by too fast and there was not nearly enough time to spend time with my sisters or my parents.  Too many distractions and options really.  There will have to ben another trip this year, I think.  Perhaps they could visit me that would be a novel idea, haha.
I must start my day and see where it takes me.  Cheers!

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