Saturday, June 25, 2016

Upcoming travel and desires

I have made some plans and am considering others.  I feel I should try to visit Carol in Kansas at some point soon. It's been over ten years since I have last seen her and she has always been supportive of me.  I met her when we moved to Kansas and my mom worked for her and her husband.  Later my sister worked for her and finally, I did.  I think I have known Carol since I was seven years old.
She is getting older as we all do.  Six months ago she chose to move into an assisted living facility.  She had been living on her own up until that point.  Lunching with ladies, walking around her neighborhood and drinking wine. I love that part of it.  It is good for her health and recommended by her doctor.  Of course, I celebrate and support that on a daily basis myself.
I believe I will attempt a road trip soon to go and see her.  Perhaps see the little beauty, Emma, too. I need to figure out how to make it happen and how much time I will need.  I saw everyone in my family two weeks ago and so if I chose to not explore more of Kansas, I think they would understand.
I will be heading to Santa Fe in a few weeks to celebrate friends birthdays, soak at Ojo and drink silver coin margaritas. I need to arrange where I can stay during that time and believe I can visit Melody or Teo.  I considered staying at a hotel but am more interested in creating experiences (translation drinking and dining) than having a posh place to stay.  Although posh places to stay invite other things that I enjoy, haha.
It feels right to be in Denver and creating my own niche.  Slowly, it seems, I am making progress.  I had some lessons to learn and some stuff to let go of.  Since I am now in my own space, I have made multiple trips to goodwill to release more of the things that have been with me at different addresses and cities.  Seems silly that I wanted to have them with me especially as they were boxed, unopened, unused.  Some of my artwork seems outdated, too.  I think I am finally ready to purchase a van gogh.  When I visited Amsterdam with Brian we stopped by the museum and I fell in love with some of his later pieces.  Of course, I love starry night and sunflowers.  But there are others, too, that are exquisite. 
I bought some sheets for me and my friend who I was staying with.  New sheets are always a nice gift, I believe.  It is my attempt to express my gratitude for my host's graciousness/generosity.  The least I can do, I feel.
I keep learning about what is important to me.  And how to make it my reality.  I am grateful that I have the opportunity to keep exploring.  I will continue to do so.

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