Monday, June 27, 2016


Typical day.  Wake up, scrape tongue, consider oil pulling (I have the coconut oil but it is liquefied currently), drink hot lemon water to promote hydration, make coffee, think about breakfast so that I can take my vitamins (need food to offset the nausea of the vitamin B) and repeat.  Oh and spray face with witch hazel to help moisturize.  My new daily routine.  Seems tedious and yet somehow, I am managing to abide by it. 
My optometrist expressed the importance of taking vitamins.  Specifically vitamin C, D, B and fish oil.  When I went for my latest check up he told me that I would soon be needing readers due to my age.  That is the first thing to go.  Something that I am not looking forward to.  I have worn contacts since the age of 13 and glasses prior to that. I have always struggled with my eye sight.  So although this is not new to me, the idea of having bifocals is terrifying.  I am inhaling vitamin C to slow down the process.
I wake up moderately early and hope to extend my rest before heading to work.  I am exhausted from yesterday and yet looking forward to my upcoming barre class.  My latest obsession.  I have chosen to do these as opposed to yoga.  I will practice yoga in my home with friends.  I think I have a plan on where to practice but the when is challenging.  My membership enables drop in rates that are decent but the available instructor, often, is one that I do not like.  She is arrogant and I cannot shake that feeling when I am taking her class.  I have tried, multiple times, to like her but she isn't authentic and it shines through.
So I will practice at home.  Seems reasonable and something I want to explore.  I am certified and have put my teaching on hold.  Distracted by living situations, work and travel.  Oh and the car accident definitely distracted me.  I am still dealing with that and the aftereffects.  I have a new medical adjustor that seems kind and fair.  My chiropractor informed me last week that he was relocating to Milwaukee.  That was news to me and impulsive.  I told him that it sounded like something I would do.  Up and move to do it just to do it.  He laughed when I mentioned that.
I figure I will seek out his replacement to get a second opinion before making any other move.  I have a few massages left with Matt.  Recently, I have been dehydrated which is showing through in my massages. My IT bands and meridians in my arms scream with pain when I am being adjusted.  I think the barre classes are contributing to the IT band strain as well as my lack of ability to drink more water during the day. I need to change that as it is hot.  I need to be hydrated for my health and livelihood.
I walked around the neighborhood the other night and found it pleasing.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy being in the city.  When I first returned to Phoenix, I lived with Jan and Tom in one of the western parts of the city.  I was used to walking around Cap Hill in Denver and wanted to do this in Phoenix.  The nearest market was two and a half miles away.  Stubbornly, I walked to the store and hated every minute of it.  It's freaking hot in Phoenix without shade.  I walked to the store and was thankful when I arrived and despised the walk back to their home.  I attempted this a few times before giving up.  It was preferable to drive.
Now, I am in a situation where I am able to walk to most of my needs.  Coffee, book shops, liquor (haven't found wine yet), a delicious breakfast burrito which is necessary in my world and a few markets.  There is a brewery and multiple bars.  I am fortunate! 
Of course, at Maghan's apartment, I was a block away from an upscale market, wine shop, coffee and bars.  Bars that I didn't frequent as they were places he spent time.  I didn't want to impose myself on that part of his livelihood.  Overtaking his personal space seemed enough, haha.
My nightly routine involved the witch hazel and some creams that Jasmin just gave me.  She brought samples with her to Oregon.  I, graciously, chose to take them off of her hands.  I am still deciding how they are working for me.  It is a work in progress.
Next week brings enchantment and I see a return to the Sunflower State in sight.  I really want to visit Carol in the next two months.  Maybe see the beauty, Emma, too.  Til then I will continue with my routines.  Maybe return to writing more.

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