Tuesday, June 28, 2016

thankful and current wants

Blessings of the day...being able to take a salt bath.  The only thing missing was lavender essential oil which I will be purchasing in the next few days to ensure that I have it for the next bath.  Likely to occur next week if not Saturday.  I do love a nice bath.  I have been thinking about it for over a week and then kept seeing reminders of how necessary an Epsom bath is on social media.  Longing for it, haha, I finally made it happen.  What peace it brought.  I should bring wine with me next time and not rely on the WP's supply.  Or lack of supply it seems.  He is interested in whiskey, rye and bourbon it seems.  None of which seemed appealing while taking a bath. Thankfully, I found some vermouth which seemed more medicinal and appropriate for the bath.
This morning I woke up a little disoriented as to what day in the week it is.  Work is all consuming, abundant and exhausting. I have been drinking more water and trying to be eating on somewhat of a routine.  Helps me stay hydrated and effective in this heat and the work environment.  I have been taking spin and barre classes as well.  Another attempt to stay healthy and hydrated.  Otherwise, I see how people descend into a routine of work, drink, and sleep til about an hour before returning to work.  I do not want to fall into that cycle.  I am too aware of how easy it is to do.
I am practicing yoga with my friend, Brie, this morning.  My second ever teaching opportunity to begin my yoga teaching practice.  I want to Segway into more bodywork and less physically demanding work in the next few years.  I feel it is time.  I think of my journey and what inspired me to get certified--lame yoga in Santa Fe.  Now, I would love to take a class in Santa Fe instead of struggling to find a class in Denver.  I hope to fly to Phoenix in August to do some yoga.  I miss it that much.  The yoga scene/community is the best of what I have found.  Challenging, upbeat and with hip hop (my favorite part of the experience).   I do not need an intention to come to my mat as is the practice in Denver.  Some weird, random and inappropriate (often) story to the importance of practicing yoga.  I just want to start my work out, decompress and find peace in the hour.  That is always my hope.
So being told some story actually puts me in a place of agitation since I think of how inappropriate it is and how frustrated I am.  Or how I made a mistake and should have skipped this instructor's class.  There is a teacher that has a challenging flow but that I don't like as a person.  She is arrogant and preachy.  Disingenuous and not authentic.  I have tried to like her class, work past my own limitations with her as a person.  I cannot.  I get so wrapped up in my dislike of her that I struggle through the sequence.  If she played better music, I think I might be able to drown out my thoughts by focusing on that.  However, that is not a likely option.  Lately, the last few times I have forced myself to endure her class, she has played the new agey yoga music which makes my ears bleed.
I digress.  I am looking forward to practicing in my new space.  I think I will rely on my training and the ashtanga sequence.  Seems the most legitimate way to practice in an authentic manner.  This is how I like to practice.
I keep hearing people mention Chicago or San Francisco.  I think a trip to one of those grand cities will be occurring by the end of the year.  I love exploring the food scene in each of these cities.  Always exciting, welcoming and adventurous.
I have plans and dreams.  Some goals, too.  Maybe a little lofty but honest.  I had wanted to go to Columbia this year.  I think it is more likely to occur in 2017.  I have a few friends who wish to accompany me--the Mini and my friend, Cody.  Met her while working at whole foods and she has become a friend for life.  Fierce, determined, funny.  I do enjoy hiking with her.
I must begin my day.  Mop before Brie comes over. Cheers!

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