Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer is here

July brought the heat...yuck!
The last few nights, I feel like I am showering in my sleep. I woke up this morning and was drenched and uncomfortable. We don't have a/c here and so it feels like grin and bear it. I am not a fan of this style of sleep. I like to be cold and wrapped up in blankets.
I had a few glasses of wine last night after my shift at the Saucy Noodle. It was a long one and I knew that most of my wine at my casa would go to waste if I opened it. I tend to open a bottle, have a glass or two and then cork it and never finish it in time. Plus, my stock of wine is dwindling and so I need to be more selective in what I open.
The next few days I will be living at the Bull and Bush. I picked up several shifts to finance my Telluride adventure. I haven't planned much for that or for the house warming party. Chichi and I agreed to have it in August and we are determining the best time to accomodate the most people. I am trying to arrange for beer from the Bull and meeting some resistance. Last time, Kenny, the old assistant brewer, brought a full keg to my house, hooked it up, and took it back to the Bull at the end of the party. I think we drank maybe a 1/4 of the keg and so I understand not receiving a full keg. However, it would be nice to offer more than a growler.
Enjoy your sleep...may it be filled with cold!

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