Sunday, August 31, 2008

sometimes, only go with what you know...

I wanted a haircut, not too short, but definitely a trim since I was sporting a shaggy, beach look yet again.
I didn't have time to go to Phoenix since my friend is busy with the October 15 tax extension date. I knew that I had already distracted her during tax season and that she needed peace, not a let's go to Los Dos Molinos weekend. So, Phoenix wasn't an option which sucked because I do like her girl, Jill. I stopped going to Abby when she started complaining to me about how people weren't tipping her enough. Really, I fly from Denver to see you and you are going to complain about other people's tips.
I couldn't go to DJ since he never listens to how I do my hair. He is the Bull and Bush go to guy when it comes to hair. He does great color and has vision, I just don't agree with it. He did my hair, twice, and both times it looked great for the two days that I didn't wash it. Then, it went back to being pulled back because I don't take two hours to get ready to go to work. I shower, brush my hair and leave the house. I don't own a hair dryer and so going to DJ is foolish because he never listens to me. I should hand him money and walk away.
So, I went to a new salon that just opened in my neighborhood. It felt right and I walked in and had immediate care. The lady that cut my hair said she has been a stylist for years and so I told her I wanted a trim and that I was low maintenance. While she was cutting my hair, I knew that I wouldn't like the outcome. She offered to blow dry it straight and since I knew I was going to dinner last night, I agreed. It took her awhile to straighten it and when she was done, I felt like I was from the 60's...a debutante going to the prom. My hair was huge and I hated it! I left, walked to Whole Foods and tried to make my hair go down the entire time. It didn't work.
I came home and washed my hair. It will grow out and next time I decide to get a hair cut, I will ask either Pocketsize where she goes or Sarajo. No more walking in blind!

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