Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Off to Chicago and happy birthday Bryn!

Chicago, here i come.
I have a few dresses, heels, a camera and I am set. I have reservations at Tru, for tomorrow night at 8 pm. I cannot wait!
I hope to stop by Delilah's and pick up some merchandise for Gabe and Jeff and say hello to Mike. I met him a few years ago when I discovered the city. He is a foodie and a friend of my boss. It is Delilah's 15 year anniversary celebration, tomorrow, and my anniversary with Brian. Tru should be a phenomenal meal and quite the experience.
I have no other plans except to enjoy myself. I have the next five days and I intend to relax, read and be indulgent. Our house warming is on Monday and I need to organize that, but it shouldn't occupy too much of my time.
Have a fantastic day and for those of you who know my aunt Bryn, call her or e-mail and let her know you care.

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