Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My year of scars....

It began with a simple spider bite. Never before have I dealt with absesses and due to my being stubborn, I now style 5 scars on my bottom and one on my stomach. I have eaten countless vitamin E to help with the scarring and other herbal remedies. I am not a huge fan of these scars, but understand that they are my personal battle wounds.
Brian was a chef and he proudly displayed all of his cuts and burns. He felt that it was an illustration of his love for the profession. Last night, I was carrying food to my table and when I put the plate down, I realized that I had broken skin on my forearm. The plate was boiling hot and it seared my skin. I was angry that I now am the proud bearer of yet another scar. It is in an awkward place and inhibited me from carrying more than two plates last night. Of course, the kitchen was sorry, but really must you broil the plates before you make them available to carry to a table?
I wrapped it with lavendar and hopefully it will reduced the scar. We will see.
Tonight, I am going to the baseball game with Tiffany, Robin and Katy. Interesting...

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