Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michaela!

My older, but younger looking sister is celebrating her birthday today.
I think, only one time, did she figure out how to blog me while I was traveling. She is busy at work, but Jade kept me entertained the entire adventure.
I am glad that Michaela chose to fly and spend her birthday with me. Tomorrow night, we are hosting a house warming at my new rental property and I am stoked that she will be part of it.
We are cleaning tomorrow and tonight, I am making dinner. I think we need a nice low-key night before I wreck her tomorrow.
Funny side note...I have been thinking about text it an appropriate way to tell someone happy birthday or is it too impersonal? Is it a guy thing or do women also choose to communicate this way? I mean, it is a special day, don't you think a voice message is more suitable?
I hope that she enjoys her time here. I always enjoy entertaining my sisters...

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