Monday, August 25, 2008

The upside to the DNC

The biggest positive about the DNC is that I have seen several people riding their bikes, taking the bus or walking to work or to attend to errands. It is awesome and I believe that we all should be more green.
Think about is better physically and enviromentally. Of course, it wasn't busy at the Bull, but I did walk there and enjoy the energy of the city. Denver is brimming with protesters, politicians and locals trying to avoid the craziness. I am glad that I will miss part of it. I am glad that people are experiencing the beauty of Denver, but I do enjoy my life the way it is.
Yesterday, I drank wine with Sara jo and it was great. I miss her and all of our restaurant adventures. Before we moved in together, we would get together once a week and check out a new restaurant in Denver. I miss that, but she is in school and I am trying to figure out my next adventure. Any suggestions?
This week will fly by and although I love the idea of Chicago, I am also gearing up for my housewarming party. I have been guaranteed a keg of Bull and Bush beer by Gabe and Jeff and believe that Dave will stop by to check out our new place. I need to go wine shopping, food shopping and also take care of some other needs. I can't wait though to celebrate my anniversary dinner in Chicago and our new rental in Denver. I am also considering dinner parties once every few months, too. We will see...


Shari said...

I am exhausted!! School is going to be very intense. Work has been crazy and I don't see an end in sight. I think school is going to be great. I enjoy the vibe I am getting from the instructors.

I saw bits of the convention while I was on break. I should have taped it. I hope you have a chance to catch some of the positive energy for the convention.

I am pretty zoned out right now so I will cut this short.

I am thinking of you often. I may be busy with homework and not calling as often, please know that I am keeping up with your life via the blog. I already have homework and a quiz on the first night!!!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry while you enjoy Chicago. I know it may be a bit cold but you should take a quick walk down by the lake. I always feel peaceful when I can see the water.

Love, Shari

harmony said...

i will call you from Chicago and let you know how amazing my dinners are.
Head up...I am proud of you and although this is challenging and time consuming, it is positive!
Talk to you soon.