Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the upcoming DNC...

Chicago, here I come.
It would be monumental to attend the DNC, to hear Barack speak in person, alongside Bill Clinton and a host of others. I wish that I liked crowds. Instead, I am fleeing to Chicago for fun, food and wine.
Originally, I had considered dining at the bar at Tru, thinking I could have a fantastic meal at the bar. I finally looked at the website and realized that although I could eat at the bar, I wouldn't be able to fully experience the menu. They have a limited menu available for diners at the bar. I am not a huge fan of dining alone, at a table. I don't enjoy being the stereotypical lady, dining alone. However, this is a huge meal for me and the experience wouldn't be the same if I only ate caviar at the bar. I mean, I am celebrating my anniversary with Brian and so of course, I have to have options as to what I will eat.
I made the reservation for 8 pm on Thursday. Things change and I might meet someone that could join me. Someone that has a love of food and is competent with conversation.
Weirder things have happened to me...not weird, but necessary and unique. I think of my conversation with Ilona from Australia and how perfect, yet random it was.
I have an open mind and know that if I am destined to enjoy that meal alone, I will. Otherwise, who knows what will happen...I know for certain, that the meal will be incredible and an experience that I will not forget. Last year at the French Laundry, I had a fantastic meal and was fortunate that my friend, Jen, joined me for that meal.


Shari said...

Thank You...I really needed your uplifting and positive energy. I felt that energy right through the airwaves. You continue to make life happen. I will calm my mind and try to make life happen. If I find some extra energy I will send it your way and I hope you breathe deep while you are in Chicago.

We'll catch up when you return. I start school Monday and will not have much time, so be patient with me.

Take Care,
Love Shari

harmony said...

How was the game on Tuesday? We put it on and they posted the upcoming opening pitch, but did not broadcast it.
I am excited for your school. I think it will bring much peace and new opportunities. Plus, I am sure that Tom and your sisters will enjoy being practiced on.
Chicago should be interesting. I definitely have reservations at one restaurant, but haven't planned much outside of that. I hope we are able to catch up soon.