Sunday, September 21, 2008

feeling better finally...

Yesterday was a rough day. I woke up, sounded like someone else because of the cold and kept coughing all day long. I worked, but it was trying.
I believe that I needed to sleep it off. Or, wake up when I was supposed to be working already. I felt clammy, hot and hacked all day long. This morning, I was late to work, broke a wine glass over the ice bin and then was overwhelmed by a headache mid-afternoon.
Then, I went to see Burn After Reading and I felt immediately better. It was a great flick and I am glad that I went to the theatre to see it. Jimmy liked it too.
We won a square of the Broncos game and so we are taking our winnings to Vegas next month to dine at Olives for lunch. It is a must do for me whenever I am in Las Vegas. Brian and I found it our first trip to Vegas and since then, it has been the one constant of all of my trips to Las Vegas. I love the flat bread and of course, the olive tapenade. Plus, it never hurts to befriend the bartender!
Tonight, I am full of Elway's and a peanut butter cookie from my favorite coffee shop in Denver--St. Mark's Coffee. Actually, I think the cookies are awesome and the coffee is okay. It is a funky, eclectic spot in Denver that is a gem of a place.
I decided to watch the end of the Emmy awards and it was moderately entertaining. Mad Men won for best dramatic series and I would agree. If you haven't seen this show, check it out. It is well-writen, acted and I like the content. Seriously, it makes up for all of the crap that is currently on tv--reality shows that are overwhelming. I mean, I think I saw a commercial for America's best pets. Why are we watching this? Shouldn't we be reading, hiking, dancing, challenging ourselves or something instead of watching reality tv? I keep hearing about Dancing With the Stars, but I don't think it is intriguing at all.
I am better and looking forward to next weekend. I cannot wait for Saturday!

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