Thursday, September 25, 2008

not always right

Last night, I experienced another never happened to me experience at work. My night started off mundane and normal. I had this table of 3 show up, with a child. It was a couple, her mom, and the granddaughter who was 18 months. Immediately, they asked me for bread. We do not serve bread when you sit down. We charge 50 cents per piece and so I ordered two pieces for their daughter. I watched as they dumped the sugars all over the table for the precious one and they asked for a shirley temple to start. I dumped a bunch of grenadine into the drink to dissuade any refills. I can be evil!
Anyways, they order three new york strips and an extra side of sour cream for one of the baked potatoes. I brought out the steaks and asked if they wanted dessert. They said no, only the check. I had the bar take off the mother's margarita since it was her birthday. Margaritas are $5 plus tax. Their tab was $98. The younger woman asked me what the side of charge was and I told her it was for their extra side of sour cream. They had 3 sides of sour cream for one potato and I charged them for one. Nevertheless, she was upset that I charged them for the sour cream and bread. She thanked me for the drink, but was furious that I charged them for items they ordered. She told me that it wasn't me, but that she wanted to speak to the manager about how ridicuous those charges were.
I had them call Erik but he was MIA. This pissed her off more and the husband had words with me because he said that I should have been more aware of the sour cream and that they loaded potato wasn't loaded enough and that they shouldn't have been charged $2.50 for it. They exaggerated that and again, got a free drink, but were mad about $1.59. They both were in my face at a point in the evening, with me having nothing to say outside of, that is our policy to charge for those items and yes, i will get the manager.
It would be like me purchasing a flight to Vegas, demanding an upgraded seat, but not paying for it. I mean, really, WHAT THE FUCK? What has happened to courtesy and not expecting everything for free? Some idiot at the bar responded with--the customer is always right. NO THEY ARE NOT!!! If you are unwilling to pay for the items you order, stay at home, cook for yourself and clean up your mess. I forgot to mention how dirty their table was after the tornado of their kid left. It was ridiculous how they let their child behave and she was only 18 months. As a sociey, with all of our technology, we have forgotten how to be polite, human and respectful. No, the customer is not always right. It is not right to yell at someone for items that you ordered.

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