Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New weirdness--work-related

I worked tonight and it started off okay. I saw a 3 year old chew up chicken and spit it back on the plate. I know. It is a child. And outside of that, he is well behaved and cute.
Next, I saw this old regular who is crazy. Seriously, loca! She used to bartend at another lace that i won't mention. Anyways, when I saw her walk in and head to the bar, I was praising the lord knowing that she wouldn't be my problem. Obviously, I was short-sighted because 10 minutes later, she ended up at my table.
She has been frequenting the Bull for years and so she remembered that I had worked there for some time. She ordered the prime rib and when it came out, I was glad that she was pleased with the color. Normally, she orders it too done and than complains that it isn't pink in the middle. Tonight, I noticed her stuffing food or something into the booth seat. I thought it was odd and I couldn't see around her to see exactly what she was doing. I walked back by and she asked me if I had ordered the bigger portion for her and I replied, yes. She demanded a to-go box and began boxing up her items. I noticed that the salt and pepper shakers were missing off of a nearby table and that most of the mayonnaise packets were gone as well. I grabbed the remaining condiments and took them to the back to be restocked. I returned to the table and asked for my pen back. They departed and I found the fat from the prime rib stuffed into the booth seat. It was disturbing and quite honestly, I have never seen that done before. Apparently, she had tried to put the fat into our liquor books on the tables, but it didn't work and so instead, she placed the fat into the booth seat. I believe that it was her intention to suggest that she had been given a smaller cut of meat and charged for a larger one. I mean, she was creative--I will give her that. Dave said she was 86'd...about time. I have been dealing with that annoying chick for 5 years.
I am now home, waiting to watch the Shield. I love that show.

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