Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Damn those Twins...

I was excited to watch the pre-playoff game tonight. I had high hopes for the Twins and was expecting an exciting game.
Instead, they lost. It wasn't an exciting game and now I am rooting for the Rays and the Dodgers. I like the idea of the Phillies, but want to support the national league west. And, I suppose, at heart, I have always enjoyed the Dodgers.
I love the playoffs. I used to go the Castle Marne, each year, with Brian and listen to the world series on the old school radio. We would enjoy each other's company by lavishing in the outdoor hot tubs, eating shrimp cocktail and of course, drinking red wine. It was our tradition and I might do it this year by myself. I was looking for a gift for Brian this year and I believe that is the way to go. I went a few years ago and it was exactly like I remembered...romantic, nostalgic, perfect.
Las Vegas will be a nice mini-vacation. I need that, too. I am still searching for my next destination and role/purpose in life. I am closer to having an idea about it since I have had ample time to ponder while Chichi has been in Oregon. I like the solitude, but miss her and Ricky.
The playoffs begin tomorrow. Enjoy!

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