Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poor decisions...

Yesterday, I forced Jimmy to go and see Righteous Kill. I am a huge fan or Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I watched Heat two weeks ago and I thought about the only scene between the two for days afterward. Now, Heat is a fantastic movie--well acted, great dialogue and interesting.
Not so much with Righteous Kill. I knew it immediately, but hoped I was wrong. I wasn't.
It was terrible and a waste of talent. I mean, John Leguizamo and Carla Gugino are also in it and they can act. There isn't anything redeemable about the movie, at all. Honestly, I almost got up and left--that is how awful the movie was. It is predictable, poor dialogue and boring. There is no character development and 50 cent plays himself--a thug. Wow, how interesting!
Afterwards, we had Rockies tickets, but didn't feel like going to the game. Instead, we went grocery shopping and I made dinner at my place. I have been trying to dine in more and utilize my kitchen. Of course, with Chichi gone, too, I am more likely to cook at home. If it is terrible, she won't know if she is in Oregon as opposed to being here. I like the solitary life.

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