Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Tonight, work should be interesting.
We have a band playing, the Nacho Men, and everyone is dressing up. I think Tiffany is going to be Wonder Woman, Brie a racquetball ball player, Jimmy a postman and I am a maid.
We had considered Charlie's Angels as an ensemble costume. It sounded great in theory, but it also could have looked like a pimp and three girls in jump suits. A few years ago, we were doctors and nurses which was fun and made sense.
The weather is awesome. I love the fall, but more of an Indian summer style. I went to Solera last night with Tiffany and we shared calamari and truffle mac and cheese. We were entertained by their resident Aussie, where I was reminiscing about my trip and wines that he felt were CRAP, from OZ. Also, my friend, Magon, is now their front house manager which is great for him. He is a great friend/contact for me. I either run into him at Solera or the Falling Rock.
I voted. I was determined to get it down before the election and also I had no desire to stand in line. Thankfully, my ballot arrived and I sent it back on Wednesday. I am so over all of the ads on tv, the radio, the internet. Both parties are guilty of negative publicity and I am sick of hearing about who did what to whom? I am ready for change or I suppose, the possibility of change.
Trick or treat, have a drink or just have fun...

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