Thursday, October 23, 2008


I guess I should be a Rays fan.
I like some of the Phillies players, however.
But, realistically, I should be a Rays fan. One of my friends came in to the Bull tonight and I inquired about his preference for the series. He said--Rays, of course. I said, aren't you a NL guy and he replied--I am a Mets Fan.
I got it. You support your team no matter what.
Ironically, there is this other regular who is an adamnant Yankees fan. Yet, they didn't reach the playoffs and suddenly, he is a Red Sox fan. I was disgusted. I mean, it would be as if I became a Tiger's supporter if KU didn't make the tournament. I know, that I would never support the Missouri Tigers. I would rather eat glass.
I guess it renewed my fan obsessiveness of my teams. I saw that Lute Olsen was stepping down at the University of Arizona. I know he is older, but the man is an icon. I am bummed!
I cannot wait for KU basketball.
In the meantime, I will load my new ipod. I figure that I have went full circle with the entire process of ownership. My first was stolen, my second I lost, the third was too small and the 4th is perfect. It sorta sounds like a fairytale to me. We will see...

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