Friday, October 17, 2008

website down

So, for awhile the website to the Bull and Bush has been down.
It is inconvenient for customers and for staff. I mean, people call and want to know what is on the menu and all I can say is....well, perhaps we can fax you the current listing since our website is down.
I looked the other day and it says Bull and Bush--Spring, 2008. I think it is a misprint since we are almost to 2009. I decided to link some of my photos to their website since it has been part of my life for the past few years.
I ran into Dave and Erik at the beer fest. I was able to provide my own tickets, outside of them or any obligation. I pay my debts in full and didn't fancy an evening spent folding posters to get in for free. They were in full custom (as always) and so I insisted that Dave take a picture with me.
Of course, he made fun of my camera, but I like being surprised and I love black and whites.
Also, I met Carrie's husband in Las Vegas. I enjoyed this photo and so I wanted to put this up for show, too.
I have great friends and a wonderful life. Sometimes, I forget it. Most times, not. Have a gerat evening.

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