Thursday, October 29, 2009

Moving in the snow and searching for red wine...

The move went surprisingly well.
The two guys showed up at 9:20, due to weather, I am certain. I had starting doubting my decision to push forward with the move instead of postponing it until tomorrow. In my mind, it snows frequently in Colorado and as a moving company, it isn't there first day at the rodeo, you know.
Two guys show up and I ask them where they would prefer loading my crap. At this point, I am referring to my belongings as crap because I would love a glass of wine or someone to arrange said items in new place.
First, I want to update the slumlord situation. I haven't spoken to Rod since the break-in that the girls downstairs experienced. I had sent him an e-mail, plus letter, to indicate my desire to move out. He responded with--sorry to see you go. Right. I can tell.
So, he calls me yesterday to say....well, I see that it's snowing and so if you need to stay a few extra days, I can pro-rate the rent...say $40 per day...REALLY? That is more than what my rent breakdown would be. The gall of this man. I mean, seriously, I am not technically out until Sunday. According to meterologists in Denver, the snow will stop today and it's going to be a beautiful, sunny day tomorrow, Saturday and yes, Sunday.
Back to the is young and the other was older than me. I scraped my stairs with my neighbor's shovel, created for a path for them to maneuver to the truck and loaded some personal items into my car. At some point, they broke one of my stairs in 1/2. I am so lucky that they didn't fall through the stair. Actually, Slumlord Rod, is lucky. Goodness, I cannot believe that I lived in this place for so long.
I look around and I know I must clean. I have little to make it nice, though. What is my incentive? Rod has done nothing to maintain the place. Instead, it is on its last legs. I am a good tenant; however, and so I will clean.
Side note...trash bins are still in alley. I don't think Rod realizes how lucky he had it with me.
The guys followed me to my new place, unloaded and left. Due to the weather, I paid for 3 hours of work. It sucks, but I am moved, my friends still like me--yes, you know who you are, and I am warm.
I am celebrating my new place, toasting life and the return of the sun! I do enjoy living in Denver!!!

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Redhead Running said...

What a jack@ss. I'm so glad you are out of there!!!