Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The irony of the weather

Weather in Denver...gotta love it.
Of course, it is the day before my move. Again, the irony of living in Denver. Normally, we remain snowless until, at least, December. Or, if it does snow, it is moderate...a light dusting. Why cannot it not be normal here? Why must it snow, today, of all days?
I will be okay. I will meet my landlord, later, and close tonight. Fun times in my life. On the flip side, because of the snow, I will not have to rake all of the excess leaves in my yard. The slumlord has it in his lease that I am in charge of the yardwork with the other tenants. Big surprise that he wants us to do it, since he fixes so much on the property. And, they contribute 0% to the yardwork, trash removal or laundry room clean up. Our trashcans are still in the alley since I didn't move them back. I guess there is that positive in the snow. I will praise the snow gods for that. I was not looking forward to leaf removal since I do not have a rake. And, in reality, I didn't know if I had to do the entire yard, or just the back yard. The girls, downstairs, let their dogs firebomb the front, typically; although, recently, I have seen the dogs in the back yard, too. They must be expanding their territory. I watch where I walk now.
Most of my stuff is packed. Meaning--my jeans--yes, I own two pairs, my jackets, boots, cold weather clothes. Again, the irony.
Last night, the Goddess texted me and said that she was running late, but would be at my house by 6 pm. I checked the weather. I left my shorts out, specifically, for our run. I felt confident that I would be fine with a hoodie, long sleeve shirt and my Volvo for life cap.
Lindsay arrived. We stretched and within 6 blocks, it was raining. We kept going. We wanted to run. Neither of us had run since our perspective marathons on October 18th--mine in Denver, hers in San Francisco. It was glorious and I enjoyed it despite the rain. I missed running. I missed with Lindsay too. She knows way too much about my life right now, from all of our Saturday morning runs, and vice versa.
We did a short loop due to the rain. We ran by my new place. It definitely feels right to be relocating there. I saw my sun room and felt peace.
I still am packing. I cannot believe it snowed! Annoyed, but, again, I will be okay and I will move tomorrow.
Enjoy your day, be it in the snow or sun. I envy the sunshine....please come back to Denver. I miss running outside!

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