Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wanting to push myself and not hurt myself at the same time...

Originally, my plan was to run with the Goddess tomorrow afternoon.
She is going out of town and will miss our group run on Saturday and so she suggested running tomorrow as a substitute-gossip-b.s. session.
Tuesday, my foot felt awesome.
Today, not so much. I woke up and could barely walk.
I called to see if I could cover one of my shifts today. Nope, there were no generous people. I gave them ample notice, but apparently, nobody was interested in doing me a favor.
I looked at my foot and noticed a purple hue.
I iced it.
I ate two alleve tablets.
I drank water.
I went to the day shift, praying that my foot would feel better.
An hour into the shift it did.
I returned home, elevated it and hoped that someone would save me from working tonight. No such luck.
Instead, I returned to work, popped two more tablets and waited for relief.
My aunt/therapist called me and suggested that I take some time for myself.
I am bored.
I want to run, but being on my feet all day, plus running, is reinjuring this soft tissue injury.
I am running the marathon. I am determined to complete it. I know that I can.
I am frustrated that I am unable to run, right now, because I want to and because I feel that I need to. I know that I am only prolonging the healing process and if I am able to rest for a few days, the marathon will go much smoother.
Tomorrow, I am developing photos, writing thank you cards and sending a nickel to my friend that sent me a knife as a gift. He felt that my knives were dull--they are, Brian always tended to his knives--and so he sent me a knife that was sharp. Knives are interesting gifts and I don't know that I want to call it as such. I think I want to consider it as something else.
The next few days are "me" days--no work, no running--just ice, rest and elevation. Fun times in my world.
I need to think of me and what doing too much accomplishes--more pain to overcome on the big day.
Enjoy yourself and tend to your needs!

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Redhead Running said...

Take it easy girl and don't stress... you've put in the time and the training... get to the start line healthy.