Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Botannic Gardens

Last week, Jan and I toured the Botannic Gardens. Since she was visiting for five days, I wanted to show her some of what Denver had to offer.
On Sunday, we dined at the Squeaky Bean and Elway's--two of my favorite places. I will write about those experiences later. For now, I will continue with the visual beauty of Denver.
Monday morning, we hiked at Matthew Winters Park. I wanted Jan to see Red Rocks and do some hiking too. Matthew Winters Park is close to my heart and I always find peace there. Brian and I hiked there often.
Jan and I did some light hiking. She was unused to the elevation and so we kept it simple. Afterwards, I drove to the Amphitheatre. There were several tourists from Boston, that day, since the Red Sox were in town for a series with the Rockies. I showed her the music venue, but we skipped the stairs. I wanted her to enjoy her day, not be exhausted. Another day, I might run the stairs. It looks like a fantastic workout.
After enjoying a pint of beer in the restaurant, we headed back to Denver. I introduced her to the Bull & Bush. She made me. Had I had my way, I think we would have avoided my restaurant the entire visit. I work isn't the same as being a regular customer if you know what I mean.
Anyways, after a brief introduction at the Bull and Bush, we toured the Botannic Gardens. We went at 5:30 pm. Surrounded by beauty, sunset and eventually, the hint of the moon. I loved it. Very peaceful and pure. I enjoyed the current exhibit of copper and we had a coffee at the cafe. I think a glass of wine would have been ideal, but they do not offer this at the Gardens.
It is sad that I rarely enjoy the touristy things around Denver. I liked showing Jan around. I missed the Botannic Gardens and ironically, it is in my neighborhood. I believe a return visit is in order. Perhaps a picnic.

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