Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obviously....I love my car.....I do....

Sunday morning, I woke up, like I always do, and lamented the fact that I had to work.
There is never enough coffee.
There never seems to be enough sleep between shifts. I close every other Saturday night.
Plus, Sunday mornings are trying--difficult servers, customers, long shift.
I walked to my car, intent on bringing coffee to my co-worker. For whatever reason, we always are nice to each other on Sundays. I bring her coffee when I close the day shift and likewise. I love this arrangement. Like I said---there is never enough coffee.
I unlock my car...snapped the lever to the handle.
Immediately, I knew I couldn't get into my car. See, I have had this problem before. A few years ago, I broke the spring to the lever that enabled access to my driver side. Eventually, I took my car in to be serviced and asked the guys to look into the door handle. Stupid, expensive repair--I move forward.
I have faith.
I walk to the other side. Hopeful. Despite the fact that I had not been able to enter the passenger side door for 10 months. I broke the lock, one night, at Elway's.
Did I mention, that the trunk is unpenetrable? No way to enter with key? Or, switch on inner side of door? No, only works inside car. There is a switch that releases the lock.
Right away, I assess the situation.
Do I have enough time to walk to work? No.
Is my bike ready? No.
Is there anyone, near me, that could pick me up? No.
Cab it is.
I arrange for the service and wait.
Cab arrives.
I arrive without coffee for my co-worker. At that point, I was more concerned with arriving at work. I felt bad, but really, my car issues consumed me. From experience, I knew that I would be spending more money than I anticipatedd. Simple part, but complicated labor.
I work.
We were busy, ridiculously so, but I am still able to maneuver. Basically, I do not buy into the b.s. associated with my job. I work. Try to find zen and not worry about my car.
I meet Melody at Elway's. Steak, amazing meal, conversation, wine.
I decided to review my car insurance coverage, speak with my mechaniacs and go forward from there. Sunday night ended peacefully.

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