Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday night meal

Back to my love of vegetables. Under careful consideration, I decided to attempt another stuffed pepper recipe. I like bell peppers and they make for a substansial meal if only using vegetables. Since Jan is still trying the vegetarian lifestyle, I plan on making bell peppers stuffed with rice, black beans and corn. Small twist on using meat and the last time I made peppers, we all thoroughly enjoyed the cous cous/feta combination. However, it is good to change things up and try out new recipes.
The recipe I found suggested making eight peppers which seems ludicrous to me. I know that I would be the only one dining on the leftovers. If there is too much stuffing, I will figure out a way to utilize the stuffing. Perhaps, I could buy homemade tortillas and craft my own take on a burrito. Or figure out a way to incorporate an egg into the leftover mix.
Anyways, I like the outline of the recipe and hope to increase the heat of it. I like spicy food and see me adding either another jalapeno pepper or including red chili flakes. Maybe decrease the amount of cheese as well. Why mask the spicy with overuse of cheese?
I am looking forward to trying it out. It has been awhile since my last creative masterpiece. The last few dinners have been salad driven. Ideal for the summer but sort of boring too. Well, boring in the fact that Jan does not like berries on salads. My creativity is somewhat limited to make sure that her needs are met. I have snuck in some fruits on occasion to jazz up the salad. Still, I am looking forward to tonight. Hopefully, the peppers will be more flavorful tomorrow. I see that in my future, too.

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