Thursday, August 4, 2011

gratitude and attraction

Happy Thursday. I follow a few blogs that do a thankful thursday weekly listing. It made me stop and consider what I am grateful for today.
Also, I received a truly lovely e-mail from my sister last night. It made me cry. She knows what to say and what buttons to push from years of friendship and fighting (childhood, predominantly, in that adults, she is one of my best friends and biggest supporters). She wrote me to remind me of how I live my life and how few people would choose this path. However, she pointed out things that I should be thankful for if I had forgotten them. Let's just say that 2011 has been interesting and exactly what I wanted.
Ironically, I had been e-mailing her at the same time. We had a brief conversation, last night, on my way home. I had went running with a guy I met in a group. He contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I would be interested in running or hiking. I would and we had corresponded, infrequently, the last few weeks. I looked at it as an opportunity to be accountable and run in the heat. I didn't know his motivations and really hoped that they were out of an interest for running. I am still uncertain on that front, but I think there is some interest. I told Michaela of my assessment of the situation and him. These things from our conversation stood out while running. He is recently divorced, considered his marriage a mistake and is rediscovering himself.
While he told me about himself, he reminded me of another man that I used to run with. I pointed that out to him and how this guy didn't drink after he got divorced. What I didn't mention was that we sort of dated. That, in spite of him not drinking, we still explored the dating factor. Not that I think sobriety is bad. I just enjoy wine too much with food to not drink. And, in the back of my mind, I knew this was a mistake, for me. I felt he would be judging me and essentially, he did. There was more to it than just that, too. I don't want to evaluate that brief stint of dating, though, either. It really is a non-issue.
Regardless, last night, when the current running mate mentioned that he wasn't drinking....I thought--wow, what vibes am I putting out there? What happened to all of the pot smoking hippies that I used to find?
Sorta funny and definitely made me smile. So, I am grateful for new opportunities, my sister's insight for making me smile and considering what vibes I am putting out there. I feel fantastic when I am healthy and am super grateful for running. It has created ample opportunites of travel and memories. One of my favorite trips was to Sonoma last year with three of my girlfriends. Or, the Vegas Marathon with my own personal amazing spectator. Not to mention the massages at the Bellagio. The reward for all of the hard work associated with marathon training. I must be doing something right.
If only, I could meet a running mate that did enjoy an occasional beer or bottle of wine. I am just saying. Happy Thursday~hope this made you smile, Jade, or at least, chuckle...

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