Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The beginning of the return adventure

First stop, dining with friends. Thankfully, there is no shortage of awesome restaurants and friends in Denver. I arrived and opted to take public transport into city. My original ride canceled at the last minute. My flight arrived, mid-day, and I knew that it would be inconvenient for most of my friends. Work sort of demands that. Anyways, I jumped on a bus and had a true blonde moment. I thought I knew where I was going and noted, quickly, that I did not. I ended up way south. Thankfully, I recognized one of the buses that departed from the southern location. I jumped off the bus at and headed into Capital Hill. I love being in that area. After a quick slice of pizza, I walked up to Speer to meet my friend, JT. After a few texts, we decided to meet for wine instead of am coffee. I wanted to see him and you know how much I adore coffee and need it on a daily basis, but sometimes, wine is the way to go.

He met me for wine and we caught up. Lindsay met us after her work day concluded and we ordered a cheese plate. I absolutely loved the conversation and didn't want this part of the night to leave. However, JT had other priorities/plans. I bid him adieu and Lindsay and I drove east to one of my other favorite restaurants. Entering the building, we noted how busy they were. I looked around for my friend, Maghan. Of course, he, too, was on vacation and so I would miss him this visit.

Lindsay and I drank some wine and thoroughly caught up on what was going on in our lives. I updated her on my lack of training and how the Half Marathon would truly be a slacker/social event. She concurred. Recently, she switched jobs. Plus, Lindsay plays on softball teams, golfs and has a whole other slew of activities that she completes on a weekly basis. Seriously, the girl is nonstop. But, her running has slowed down due to her new work schedule.

I was all for the social approach to the half marathon.

We drank wine and snacked on mac and cheese and instead of the customary calamari, we tried the chiles with pumpkin seeds. Delightful. A nice addition to the menu. I love the calamari so much that I refuse to sample it at other eateries since no others compare to how fantastic this restaurant's calamari is. Saying that, sometimes, I like to try new things. The chiles were lovely.

All, in all, the first day was truly successful. My little screw up with public transportation actually was fine. I read my book and people watched. For example, this woman entered the bus and sat right next to the bus driver. The woman was mentally challenged. I watched her interaction with the driver. Obviously, they knew each other from the conversation that followed. The woman offered to stop by Taco Bell for the driver.

The driver replied,"No, thank you."

The woman said, "Oh, well, I brought you these, too." She handed the driver a bag of chips.

It was touching and sweet. Definitely made the bus ride worth to see compassion of others.

Not to mention, I was able to see more of Denver this way. Beautiful day to walk about and enjoy the sunshine. Plus, I sampled fare from three of my favorite places and had wonderful conversations with friends. Yes, return visit started well....

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