Thursday, August 4, 2011

other thoughts of today

Gearing up for another run in the evening. Seriously, I have to psyche myself up for these. I remember, years ago, when I wasn't even a true runner when I could run at 5 pm, daily, and the heat would not affect me. What happened to that girl?
Age. Or, so I was kindly informed when I repeated my story of running mates to a friend. His comment of my lack of attracting pot smoking hippies was this--you aren't 20 anymore.
Man, if only, I could pull that off. Those were the days of fun and freedom. Well, not really. I am just contemplating the last few guys that have seemed interested in me. Common tie--no drinking and they run. Yet, I know a this couple who are hardcore about the events they compete in. This woman is a complete badass and she and her boyfriend do not shy away from celebrating their events. I think she has won a few tri-athlons or cycling events. She is awesome. Her boyfriend is just as able of pulling out the stops, effortlessly. She mentioned something about not putting expectations on yourself and to just enjoy the whatever race you were involved with. Great perspective and like I said, they drink. They enjoy frosty pints of beer and they both are older than me. I doubt they have to talk themselves into training. Although, I do know they skipped a training ride recently due to being tired and not feeling it. And, like me, they do arrange rides when it is cooler than trying to go in the middle of the day.
Maybe I am getting older but I am not going to allow it to limit my fun or activities. Saying that, I am so registering for the Half Marathon in Phoenix in November that benefits breast cancer. A few words on that. I have walked the race for the cure in Denver twice. I have two shirts to show for it. Whenever I wear those shirts, I always get stopped and asked what I thought of the event or thanked for doing it. Personal stories follow and it brings a calm to my heart. My stepmom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. I began supporting the Komen Race to support Dori and give back to an organization that helps many in need. So, yes to the Half in Phoenix and then there is Las Vegas. I played with the idea of running a full 2011, half-heartedly. Somehow, my body knew that I needed a break and would benefit from focusing on 1/2's. That is the plan. I will run the Vegas Half in December with a few friends. My friend, Jenn, from middle school-college is in and a few other ladies are contemplating the event. All I gotta say's Vegas. Why wouldn't you sign up for it? I think Shari and her sisters are interested too. That would be the ultimate race to run & support a group of sisters that decided to run a half marathon 2011. They have completed two or three 5k's as a group and I am very proud of their dedication and commitment. I hope they opt to sign up for Las Vegas, too.
Well, I must hydrate more and prepare (mentally) for this upcoming evening run.

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