Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday in the city

Friday morning, Lindsay dropped me off, downtown so that I could tour the metro area. Work demanded her attention while I could run fancy free throughout the area. My first stop was Starbuck's. There are several along the 16th St Mall and since I had been power hydrating I knew that I would need safe public available restrooms. And, I had an i-pad to use while solo for the day.
I found a Starbuck's, ordered an americano and asked for the door code to the restroom. Afterwards, I loitered. I considered my options. I had a lunch date and could either stay where I was in the metro area, go directly to the bank or walk up to Capital Hill. I read some of my book and enjoyed my coffee. Before I headed out to Capital Hill, I decided to use the bathroom again. Like I mentioned, I had been drinking a ton of water. I needed to mass hydrate for the half marathon on Saturday. I walked towards the bathroom and saw that it was occupied. I waited. And waited. And waited. I heard water gushing and thought--what is this person doing? Taking a shower?
I stood outside of the bathroom in an enclosed area for about ten minutes. Finally, I return to the coffee shop and figure, I can wait a few more minutes. This guy rushes past me. Definitely intent on getting outside. I walk back to the bathroom and am overwhelmed by the stench. I think--omg, it is coming from the bathroom.
I open the door (like a fool) and know that I am not going to be able to get that smell out of my awareness. I slam the door and run outside for fresh air.
I was appalled. It was disgusting and then, I think, there are no public bathrooms in the vicinity. This guy was trying to clean himself up and rid himself of the smell. He just waited too many days to do it.
I walked up to Watercourse to enjoy some breakfast. For whatever reason, I knew this would be my only opportunity to dine there. Breakfast burrito good and again, could use a clean bathroom.
Afterwards, I checked out a Whole Foods and used the i-pad. My day was progressing nicely. I was thankful to be outside and not dying from heat stroke. And, still inhaling ample amounts of water. I decided to return downtown, check out the library and head to the bank before my lunch date. Super productive and walking friendly.
Lunch was at Cholon. Fantastic service, fun drinks and I did enjoy the fare. I loved the dumplings, wontons and finally got my brussel sprout need attended to. At my ultimate favorite restaurant in Denver, they have a side called brussel sprout hash. I crave it. On Thursday, I was hoping to order that delightful gem of a meal and unfortunately, they took it off the menu, last week. Bummer!
Regardless, I did enjoy Cholon. I wasn't impressed with the beet salad however. Uninspired, for sure.
Andy and I enjoyed a few drinks while conversing. He is a great friend who enjoys travel and food (almost) as much as I do. I was happy that we would be able to meet up for lunch. I thought his work schedule might dictate otherwise.
And, all good things must come to an end. He drove me to Argonaut so that I could (try) to impress Lindsay's parents with my good manners. That evening, we would be spending the night with them as it was closer to our meet up spot in the morning. I knew that I could use more sleep.
I walked up to the light rail station, boarded the light rail and headed to Littleton. Nice clean ride. Plus, I could read more of my book.
Lindsay picked me up and we were off to Morrison. Her parents are gracious and entertaining. Her mom began playing the banjo seven or eight years ago. She played us a song that was inspired by her recent trip to West Virgina while we sipped on vodka tonics. Her dad arrived, grilled us steak and we had a lovely meal. Her parents are extremely approachable. Easy to talk to and interesting. It was nice to have a homecooked meal, too.
All of Friday, even, all of the walking around Denver, provided a nice foundation for the upcoming 1/2. I felt relaxed and hydrated. I dreamt of crossing the finish line and of a healthy race. And, sustained no guilt of the mix of cocktails and wine. We drank the bottle I brought and everyone enjoyed it. I have been on a petite petite kick lately. I knew that Argonaut had the bottle of wine that I liked, Michael David's Petite petite. Beautiful label with elephants on it. Shari and I found this gem at a restaurant in Santa Fe a few years ago. I suppose I enjoy the nostalgia factor, too.
Perfect way to prep for a race and wander around. Of course I would have preferred spending time with Lindsay and another time plan on doing that. Seeing Andy broke up my solitude and I found a new restaurant to return to while in Denver. Spectacular, really~

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