Sunday, August 7, 2011

sunday night meal

Tonight, I think I will be doctoring up a store bought pasta sauce. Better than what I grew up on---the store bought version that is. A while back, I was lazy (shocking) and opted to prepare this meal for friends. They found that they enjoyed it (immensely, or so I tell myself) and in order to illustrate that, I noticed several pasta sauces in their pantry. I think it was their way of letting me know that this could definitely be a meal plan revisited. And, I know, that they borrowed my idea on a separate occasion. I like inspring homecooked meals even if it is only doctoring up a sauce. I have noticed other friends watch my technique, too. Last time in Oregon, Tim (Michaela's boyfriend) made guacamole for Jan and I. His words--I watched you make it last time and thought I would try it out. Delightful. Really. He altered a few things but I still loved it. Keep in mind, I could live on avocados. Jade also noted my adoration of the avocado. When she hosted a bbq at her place, she said--and, you will be making guacamole, right? I picked up the cilantro, onion, tomato, etc., is there anything I am forgetting? It was so cute and I believe, my niece and nephews like it too.
Anyways, I stopped by a farmer's market and purchased a huge carrot to add to the celery and onion, or mirepoix. I think I will overwhelm the sauce with garlic as that is my way. I love garlic. There can never be enough in a meal--I believe. My friends are finding this out, too. Thankfully, they seem to enjoy my cooking or perhaps they are skilled liars. Doubtful since they allow me to continue to experiment in their kitchen.
At the farmer's market, I found excellent day old bread on sale. Decided that it needed to accompany me home. I figure I can throw together the sauce and make crostini, too. Maybe a green salad. I don't know. I don't feel that ambitious today. I could definitely take a siesta or extended nap. I said, could, because, shortly, I will be heading out to meet a few friends for wine happy hour. There is this lovely wine bar that offers wine by the glass, daily, from 11-5, for $5. I love this. I think it is a wonderful offering. This trumps siesta, too. I can drink wine, contemplate any other additions I will make to the meal. Yes, sunday funday is on.
Enjoy your Sunday. Celebrate and Enjoy~

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