Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the 24th and what it signifies to me

My nephew is ten today. I feel ancient~

I remember when Jade brought home this little boy. Even though, I was living in Denver at the time, I could sense the shift that he would bring to the family. The first boy.

What a change. I think my dad was over the moon, almost, as much as Jade. I mean, this was the first boy in our family and he was immediately adored for that fact. Sweet and immediately loving Easton was.

My mom was beside herself since Easton was different than Mackenzie. Mackenzie loved spending time with au ma and my mom adored watching her. She visualized cowgirl outfits and of course, the boots.

With Easton, he only wanted to be around Jade. She tried to leave him with my mom, or one of my sisters and he would cry and cry and cry. Easton was definitely a momma's boy. Still, he was sweet.

As he got older, I saw him more often. I even convinced Jade that I should be able to watch him one morning. At that point, they were living in Oregon and he was in the spiderman phase. He walked around the house with his little spiderman action figure. Proudly holding on to it at all times. I hid it because I could. He was little at the time and he goes--"You lose it....where is spiderman?"

I told him that I had hid it and that he should find it. Such a sweet little boy.

Now, he is an athlete, an older brother to Emery and into the computer. No more action figures for this kid. He is showing Emery what it is to be a boy. I miss that camaraderie that can only occur with siblings. Grateful for the time I spent in Oregon with my own sisters and how our quirkiness quickly identifies our relation.

I watched him play baseball this past April and was proud. He has natural ability and no, I am not just biased. He is going to be great if he so chooses.

Oh, to be young, again, with all the possibility in the world. Happy Birthday, Easton! Enjoy today fully.

I will be finding carrot cake, later, to toast the celebration in spirit! Happy Wednesday to everyone else...

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