Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Triumph of the roasted eggplant and tomato dish. The mint adds a lovely brightness that makes the dish memorable. My friends enjoyed the meal while watching The Lincoln Lawyer. I am a fan of Michael Connelly and had read the book on a flight to I don't remember where. The movie was okay. Several notable actors but the movie did not do the book justice in my opinion. And, I think I was a little preoccupied with my upcoming week. Must schedule running into the mix of priorities. I contacted a friend and set up a running date, that ironically, is occurring this evening. We have been trying to either hike or arrange an early morning running date. I miss the Goddess and our weekly runs. Tonight should be a nice change to my normal routine. The last few days, I chose the treadmill over outdoors. The heat factor limited my desire to run outside.
Anyways, the eggplant dish rocked on Sunday night. There were leftovers and I knew, from experience, that I would be the only one partaking in those. My friends do not eat leftovers or that I have seen. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to try the leftover eggplant pasta. Keep in mind, at this point, it became a cold dish. I didn't have the opportunity to reheat the pasta. Decent, but lacked its luster or brightness. I had brought grape tomatoes with me which added to the flavor or the leftover pasta. I think next time, I will alter the dish to make the leftovers more flavorful. The initial experience with the pasta was lovely. I increased the amount of garlic and tomatoes. I love garlic. I will probably add more garlic next time. I think my friend commented that they were referring to him as italian at his office since the aroma of garlic lingers. He overlooks that for homecooked meals. If only he would eat some of the leftovers. All would be right in the world. I recycle, reduce, reuse, etc. I eat leftovers in an attempt to minimize waste. How do you contribute to reducing waste? I think we could all improve that aspect of our lives. Just something to think about. And, I will continue to dine on the leftovers while, hopefully, improving the dishes in the process.
Happy Wednesday~

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