Saturday, August 20, 2011

With a little salsa...

It's a fact (in my world), salsa makes everything taste better.
When I was a kid, I smothered everything with ketchup. Not everything, but fries, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers. I think steak, too. My dad loved grilling steak and my sisters and I despised it unless it was super well done. I think ketchup helped the charring of the steak that seemed necessary to us. Thank god, I have outgrown that. Well done steak smothered with ketchup or A1 or any other steak sauce is unpleasant.
Never eggs, though. That always sort of freaked me out. I never understood how people could add ketchup to scrambled eggs.
I grew out of the ketchup stage and into the salsa phase. Possibly since I adore mexican food and know that I could sustain on chips and salsa alone, daily. I've tried it. After I returned from the around the world trip, I needed salsa since I had trouble finding it in Fiji, Australia, and the other countries that I visited. I desperately missed mexican food. I spent a few days in Phoenix and made my friends drive me from mexican restaurant to restaurant to feed my insane need for salsa, guacamole and mexican food in general. Afterwards, I stopped in Santa Fe continuining my salsa craze and eventually back to Denver where I stopped after seeing an accupuncturist. That is another story. I digress.
Today, I consider my food options. There is leftover pasta, stirfry and eggs. Typically, on weekends, my roommates and I have toast and eggs after a 3-4 mile run. This morning, Tom had to attend a wake and so we skipped the run and customary breakfast. I suppose I had egg and salsa on the brain. I chose to create a fried egg, avocado, red pepper, cucumber, and cabbage toasted sandwich. Surprisingly the combination worked. Adding salsa made it memorable. I used siracha, herdez and another hot sauce to create the ideal salsa for this sandwich. Delicious!
In other news, I ran on the treadmill this morning since the last few days, I have been a complete slacker. Tomorrow, the routine will return--early morning run followed by coffee, toast and eggs. Grateful for that and already thinking about the Sunday night meal....hmmm.....what to make?

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