Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mini Tour of AZ

Seeing that I had a few days off and a friend in town, we chose to tour the state. Initially, my plan was to head north to Sedona. It is inviting and a beautiful place. In the past, I have spent some time there and hiked. My last opportunity to explore Sedona got nixed when I had car problems in route to Phoenix. Instead of exploring the vortex, we spent the night in Flagstaff and I hoped for a solution to the billowing black smoke from my car.

Anyways, I was unable to arrange more than one day in Sedona. I booked a room for Sunday and dreamed of a way to do everything that I wanted to do. For instance, have a nice meal, hike, wine taste and shop for gems. Of the four things, two were accomplished. No shopping or hiking. Lame, I know, but the wine tasting was nice. Meal incredible and I can always return to hike and shop.

Let me get back to the tour of the state, we had a few days where we could explore the southeastern wineries. I ask my friend if he is interested in heading to Bisbee and wine tasting. We could stop into Tucson, too. I have always wanted to spend more time in that city. It is smaller, more community feeling and charming. Hanging out in Tucson sounded lovely.

Last Thursday, we grabbed a coffee and headed south. First stop, Tombstone. Delightful little tourist driven town. Full of cowboys and lawmen. All I could think was how much my mom would love this town. Too funny. And, it reminded me of the family vacations where we would dress up for the saloon photo. If I had a photo scanned, I would actually display it.

We stopped in a few of the saloons and contemplated staying for the gun show. Well, maybe, thought about it...knew it wouldn't happen. I wanted to get to Bisbee.

Delightful town. Checked out the Copper Queen, Cafe Roka, Stock Exchange, and a few other bars.

I know that I need to blog more about this tour, but, other priorities take over. Until later.

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