Saturday, August 6, 2011

upcoming half

Run went well since I opted for the shorter loop. In hindsight, it was a poor decision. I was well hydrated and ready to run the six mile loop at night. I had prepared as best as I possibly could. There was a group of fifteen us. We started out across the bridge and one of the leaders said--are you running six or three?
I don't know.
Well, you should decide now since that is the turn to the 3 mile loop.
A few people split off and I followed. We ran towards and sunset and it was glorious in all honesty. Lovely pace and beautiful scenery. I would have done well at the longer loop--I know it. I wanted to do it, too.
Still, I returned home quicker and I wasn't as drained from the humidity/heat mix of running the six. Yesterday, I forced myself to run on the treadmill as well as today. I figure if I run, daily, the half will not kill me. This morning, a group was set to meet at 5:30 to run an indertminate amount of miles. Last week, I met them, begrudgingly. My friends and I dined out, late, and thinking about getting up before 5 am to meet a group at 5:30 preoccupied my evening. The meal was fine but I know that my contribution to the conversation was lame. I thought we were going out to eat at 6:30. We met at 8:15ish. So you can see why I might be a little stressed out about my lack of sleep. I did wake up and meet the group. Grateful to get the training run out of the way last week.
The 1/2 next weekend should be entertaining and fun. I have no other expectation of it outside of running with friends and enjoying the race. Plus, I should get another cool t-shirt. This is my third consecutive year of running this particular half and I like it. I think it will definitely be on my list for 2012, too.
Tomorrow, I will become a slave of the treadmill most likely. Perhaps Monday I will make an effort to run outside. It is all out of my hands now. The half is exactly one week away. Now, I must focus my energies on muscle memory and the fun that I will have running the race with the Goddess. Thankfully, her training has been lackluster, too. I guess we can dissect our efforts while running. That might be fun~

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