Monday, January 6, 2014

Day 6

Day 6 of the cleanse with me waking up, frantically, to my ringing phone.  Crap, I overslept and potentially could miss my yoga class as a result.  I had arranged a car service, first thing, this morning.  My mechanic called me to say that, he, too, was running late.
I dressed, threw together a bag of yoga necessities and headed out.  In route, my massage place called to say that they would need to reschedule me as my guy was unable to make it in today.  Another moment of crap...could I come in at 2, instead and see a different therapist that I see on a regular basis.
I could but then I would need to rush home, shower, and head out to make the 2 o'clock appointment.  I was determined to get the massage, yoga, car service and have my phone situation apprised.  The last few days my phone has been unwilling to hold a charge.  It is either a connection thing, port problem or I don't know what.  All, i knew, was that I was tired of holding the cord in a specific place to ensure that the phone would charge.
I did eat some fruit/nuts before heading out to the mechanics.  I arrived and he wasn't there yet.  I called him to see what the hold up was and he told me he would be there shortly.  I grabbed a coffee at starbuck's to occupy my time.  I considered charging my phone but there were few outlets at this particular location.  I attempted to rectify the situation but there was a woman holding appointments in front of the outlet and she was unwilling to share the space.  Odd place to have appointments.  Isn't that what an office is for?
Yoga was fantastic.  Good music, crazy hot and I enjoyed the change up in the sequence.  Plus, the instructor massaged my back in one of the poses which was lovely.
I left early to make sure that I would arrive at the massage on time.  My therapist remarked on relaxed I appeared today.  I thought that was kind and a truth of how transparent I am in my life.  When something is troubling me, it shows all over my face.
The cleanse has allowed me time to think, reflect, consider what is important to me.  I have ample time to consider as i am not out socializing with friends.  Instead, I am reading, doing yoga, thinking about what makes me happy.  I am thankful for my decision to begin 2014 with a cleanse.  I believe I am committed to detoxing until the 14th.  Today, was a challenge as I wanted to celebrate some of my recent discoveries due to the cleanse.  I stayed the course.
I managed to purchase a new phone and update my plan.  I think I must have been one of the last people to have a data plan.  Sort of like how long it took me to actually have a cell phone.  I finally broke down and got one in 2006.  And that only occurred so that my family and friends would stop harping about it when I took a road trip to clear my head.
I believe 2014 is going to be a fantastic year.  I see saltillo tile in my future.  Yoga, more travel, wine and friends.  Cheers to tonight!

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