Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random thoughts of this morning

Gorgeous weather.  It feels like March and it's only January. I know I keep harping on this.  All due to fear of what it will be like in March.  Will I have a/c on at that point?  If that is the case, I think, my landlord will speed up the demolition process of my house.  He mentioned to me, casually over dinner with friends, that his goal was to remodel his house which meant he would be leveling mine.  Awesome way to begin 2014.  Knowing that I will be relocating by June if not sooner.
In many ways I welcome the change.  It would be nice to have a home with more natural light, saltillo tile, a ceiling fan and most importantly a bath tub.  Every time I get a massage, one of my therapists demands that I take a salt bath to further release the toxins.  I love taking baths and have not afforded that luxury in two years as neither rental had that option.
I am heading out in a bit to track down cake for my landlord's step kids.  Fraternal twins and full of athleticism.  Rarely are they not skateboarding, swimming, cycling...nonstop on the go.  They are kind to me and I am thankful they told me about their birthdays today.
I am working later today after a much wanted yoga class.  I did enjoy the hike yesterday and now I am ready to sweat out toxins, clear my skin and listen to music.  I think that is one of the must haves for me when it comes to yoga class.  It reminds me of dance class and that is why I enjoy it.  I always loved dancing.  To be able to express yourself with music is intoxicating.  I have a cousin that I have not seen since she was 6 or 7 years old who is a professional dancer.  I have no idea how many years of dance she took to get her to this point.  It's incredible from my perspective.  I hope to have the opportunity to see her perform at some point.
For the next few months I will make an effort to enjoy hiking, running and riding my bike.  I actually purchased a decent road bike two years ago.  I have ridden it to and from work and could spend more time on it as opposed to walking or driving.  Yesterday, I ran out of time to meet my Mini.  Otherwise, I would have preferred to walk up to Mill.  That way I could have avoided the parking situation and watching the meter.  Thankfully, I did move my car before being ticketed.  The fear of being ticketed $42 makes me want to never frequent Mill Avenue shops or bars.  That ticket price is unforgiving. I could understand $20 or even $25 for a parking violation.  $42 seems extreme on a first offense.  Motivates me to avoid the area and shop elsewhere unless I walk or ride my bike.
Today is a lovely day.  Full of possibility, opportunity and celebration.  I will miss the twins' party but I can bring them cake to start the day.

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