Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday occurrences

Happy Friday!  I had the most awesome day today.  Well, awesome, in that there was no work involved.  Either place.  I did whatever I wanted, drank some wine, and remembered why I enjoy my life. Boy, do I miss the freedom!
I met Brandon for our weekly hike.  Somehow we manage to be good for a consistent basis and then drop off for five months before finding our way back to the fantastic ritual.  Our goal was Camelback as they recently reopened Echo.  New parking lot to boot.
Sounded awesome, in theory.  The reality of it had other ideas.  We drove up to a glorieta (in Mexico how they refer to roundabouts).  I think roundabouts are a complete waste of time.  No one acknowledges how to drive through them. They become unnecessary pockets of confusion.
Anyways, we see the line of cars and notice the guarded gate.  Several cars are turned away.  The SUV in front of us is accepted.  The guard says--they had a handicap decal.  So, they are hiking?
Anyways, the guy tells us to turn around and return in five minutes at which point they will get us in.  Sure, sounds solid, right?
We opt to head to Squaw Peak and hike there.  Some parking, facilities which we need as at that point we had been in route for 50 minutes.  We head up the massive stair climber making decent time.  Perfect day for hiking.  Overcast, 70ish and ideal.  I loved every minute of it.  Of course, we were not without the idiot factor.  Lots of people that have not figured out etiquette on a hike.  I am annoyed with this fact on a daily basis.  How hard is it to be a human being?
Regardless, we manage the ascent, capture a photo and begin the descent.  We were both hungry and dreaming of a commuter sandwich--english muffin, egg, tomato, cheese and bacon.  We head to our food destination and encounter more idiocy regarding parking.  Brandon is determined to get a spot without utilizing the valet.  Not due to finances.  More to the fact that his car handle on the driver side is broke.  No point in valeting the car if they won't be able to get in or out of the car.
He spins back into the self park parking lot and steals a parking spot.  He was stealth.  We order our food and wait.  I find coffee, water, utensils and people watch. Some people, like us, that had just exercised.  Others that were on the way to work and dressed for their prospective professions.  I filled my coffee cup and watched a woman spill creamer all over the counter.  She acted like it was nothing and puts the container back on the counter.  This is what I don't understand.  Clean it up.  What are you...five?  No, you are 45+--you don't know how to be accountable for your actions?  I just don't get it.
In similar fashion, at my retail gig yesterday, I was in line for coffee (always how I start my day) and watched a woman open a container of six muffins.  She dropped them (yes, all of them, on the floor). She picked up five of them and put the container back on the display.
I saw the sixth muffin on the ground.  I picked it up and was looking for where the container was.  She indicated where it was and watched me put the muffin back in and walk to the bakery counter with the container of tainted muffins.  I explained to the girl at the counter that someone had dropped the container and put it back in the display.  All of which was true.  The lady followed me and goes, oh, I was on my way to do this....really?  At what point?  You had no problem leaving the damaged muffins on the display for customer consumption.
After breakfast, we headed back to Tempe.  I left Brandon's house and showered.  I had a couple hours before meeting my mini (Kristina, she is travel friendly, responsible and enjoys hiking) for happy hour.  Lovely happy hour with an inspiring girl.
Tomorrow is my landlord's girlfriend's twins' birthday. As Cloe bought me a christmas gift (a mirror), I think it is appropriate to introduce her and her brother, Cole, to carrot cake.  Yes, it's been a wonderful day.  I live a blessed life in spite of being surrounded by entitled morons at times.  I am happy...

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